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    and performance evaluation

Roll out project management

Lifter issues



Products • Exclusive to Speedeco
 • Round bottom carts

 • Carts with locking 
 sealed lids




Bag Liners Bio Bag

Many other brands
   and products

If you want to find innovation in North America don’t look for it in big corporate offices or even a medium size business. Look to small companies that have owners tuned in with all aspects of their business. Companies where they know the customer, the drivers and the whole operation. They are the people who knocked on the door and got that customer and built the business to keep them. They don’t spend a dime unless it makes cents. Innovation costs money, but to someone who can see the whole picture it makes money.

It’s in these small business and small communities where you will see the latest innovation for collecting house hold and commercial organics and oil. Why? Because it is far easier to clean. It's leak proof and comes equipped with tougher wheels, and unique sealed lid options. Additionally, it is better balanced for ease of handling and moving. And finally, the shape has no corners or crevices allowing for a more complete dump in all weather conditions.

Customers want their business clear and clean of the residual organics that are a bi-product of their service or process. No one goes to a restaurant to see plate scrapings, or a grocery store to see meat trimmings. Customers want it clean of all these things and especially their even nastier companions – smell and gunk.

In the past all this went into big containers all mixed together with paper an absorbent and tied up in plastic bags and sent to the dump. With the advent of composting and valuing of the organic materials some 20 years ago this changed. The tougher and heavier organics materials were separated. These materials were collected, for the most part, in carts and smaller bins originally designed for mixed waste or lighter recyclables. These products have worked and have become a commodity. Being competitive in this service meant getting these bins as cheap as possible. It became big business, but there are still complaints.

Being environmentally responsible is important whether by legislation or because of consumer pressure. Organic recycling has meant accepting extra work and some unpleasantness (gunk and yuck). Some of it is unavoidable, but much of it is because we have been using re-purposed tools. Two years ago the round bottom cart and the fattboxx were introduced to North America. It has been embraced as the next generation cart for organic cart collection. Not because other carts don’t work, but because it works better. Small business and small communities have lead the way with thousands in service.
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“I use a round bottom cart at home. Its easier to keep clean and I believe quicker to empty.” John Dewanker P.Eng. Director , Environmental Services and City Engineer

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